Fourteen Years

It was a cold and snowy night somewhere on 13 January 1996, but not in San Francisco. There might have been rain. I don’t remember. I might have been drunk. I don’t remember. All I remember is that sometime that night, I uploaded the first version of the website that became this one. Using FTP. And actual HTML files. And the URL had a tilde in it. It all seems rather quaint now.

What’s really frightening to me is that I’ve lived almost a third of my life since that night. What’s also frightening to me is the realization of how long it’s been since I’ve written anything of substance here.

All the same, thanks for sticking around. I make no promises that there will be a fifteenth anniversary, although there probably will be. The five year multiples are milestones, after all, and are hard to resist.

3 thoughts on “Fourteen Years

  1. We all know life gets so busy (and so tiring) and priorities get reorganized over the years and with Facebook and professional bloggers….. Bla, bla, bla… Be proud of what you’ve done because you’ve done a LOT for other people just by being there in the early days talking the truth and letting people know that it’s OK to be different. (yes David, you are different….but I think you know that) Update when you can dude. (HA! I called you dude) ….and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Hi David! Congrats on 14 years… I’m surprised that I’ve never run across you before, and I’m looking forward to reading your archives.
    I will be having my 14th on 31 MAR 2010, mostly daily entries with a few skips early on.
    Thanx for being here!

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