It’s a traveling sort of week.

On Saturday, I flew up to Pittsburgh to meet Mark. I usually drive, but the weather was iffy, and I found a really cheap flight. All went well until the second half of my trip home on Tuesday. That was the part where my plane left LaGuardia but came back a half hour later due to mechanical issues. I got home very late after spending way too long in Queens. Which sucked because I needed those few hours to get ready for this morning’s trip.

Plus it snowed. In Pittsburgh. And in North Carolina. I’m tired of snow.

But now I’m in Pinehurst for the SNCA meeting. Which is nice, except for the fact that (a) it’s in Pinehurst and (b) I’m half asleep from last night’s sleep deficit. At least there’s a Smithfield’s here, though. And the trip’s a work freebie.

But I kind of miss home. I only got to spend about nine hours there between trips, and I was asleep for a lot (but not nearly enough) of those hours.

I don’t think I’ll go anywhere this weekend.