A New Effort

So I’ve pretty much been absent from the site, all forms of social media, and certain aspects of life in general for the past few months. It’s like that when you get a new job at pretty much the same time your husband moves back in with you. Publishing online moves really far down the priority list.

But I’m gonna try. Not necessarily because I think anyone particularly cares anymore, but because it does me some good. And because it serves as part of the “official record” of my life. And because I do occasionally still like to express my opinions on various issues. And because I’ve been doing it so damned long that I’m afraid to stop.

Thus, I’m really going to try to make with the posts again soon. Here. Not on that social networking site, where my primary motivation has always been to keep up with other people (and I’m not even doing much of that lately).

Despite turning over this new leaf and all, though, I don’t have time to say much more today. There’s metadata to write and grants to research and letters from 1895 to scan. And houses to sell. And a boy who deserves all the attention I can give him.

But I’m trying. Really.