It only hurts when I move

I fell down the stairs.

I was going down to that basement to put some laundry into the dryer. I slipped. I slid. I landed on my back. I made horrible noises that scared Mark a lot. My teeth chattered and I started shivering. Mark mentioned internal bleeding and I remembered the blood thinners and how I’m supposed to be paranoid about impacts like these. So we went to the emergency room. It was probably an overreaction, but at least they gave me pain pills.

Funny, it all started because I was washing some dressier than usual duds for work today since one of the search committees I’m on had an on-campus interview scheduled. And as it turned out, I didn’t go to work at all, although I did show up for part of the interview–in virtual form. Serves me right for thinking about wearing a dress shirt to work, dammit.

Anyway, I’m gonna take another nap now.

Oh, and they printed my letter to the Winston-Salem Daily Pamphlet yesterday. Not my best work ever, but it suffices as my farewell to the paper.

3 thoughts on “It only hurts when I move

  1. Would have posted sooner. Really, really glad that nothing was serious.
    Mega hairy muscle Happy New Year hugs to you and Mark.

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