Too close for Hazel? Maude knows best?

I’m really digging Antenna TV, which is now running on one of the local Fox affiliate’s sub-channels. Aside from all the Norman Lear stuff that runs every night (including Maude, which you almost never see anywhere) today brought Father Knows Best, Hazel, and The Flying Nun. It’s pretty much everything Sony, in its position as heir to Screen Gems and Columbia Pictures, has to offer.

But best of all, Too Close for Comfort starts tonight at 7:00. I always liked that show. There was just something odd about it that I could never quite put my finger on. Maybe it had something to do with its being set in San Francisco (which usually has a tendency to make everything seem a little surreal and “off”). Maybe it was the whole Jm J. Bullock thing (he eventually found that missing “i”, right?). Or maybe it was related to the odd history of the show.  Anyway, it’s one of those kind of quirky shows which surprisingly few people seem to remember and which didn’t get a whole lot of airtime after its original run. It’ll be fun to see it again.