Sunday afternoon

Had a visit from my friend Duncan this weekend. Actually, I’m still having it but he’s off at a Super Bowl party, and as I’ve probably said before, I don’t follow baseball. So I’ve spent my leisurely Sunday afternoon eating leftover Chinese food from Sampan and obtaining long out of print music here, including two things I’ve been seeking for a really long time.

Maybe a bit of cafeteria tonight followed by the final proofreading of my grant application (which is now finished, by the way). After that, Ellery Queen or Dragnet, methinks.

This is the first actual weekend I’ve had in quite a while. They’re nice, huh?

3 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon

  1. Wow, that X-Teens album is amazing… thanks for bringing it to my attention! I love this kind of nervy/jangly 80s southern power pop and this reminds me a lot of Let’s Active/Game Theory/Three O’Clock/The dB’s etc… And “Western Eyes,” my god, it’s so haunting. What a great find.

  2. It’s sad that a CD release of that album would be all but impossible. It was released on Dolphin Records, a label owned by a regional chain called Record Bar. It was later absorbed into the short-lived Blockbuster Music chain and the rights have apparently been in the hands of that chain’s descendants ever since.

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