Randomly Friday Night

Two days in, I must say that I never knew how much I wanted an AppleTV until I got one. The streaming Netflix is quite amazing as is being able to access my whole iTunes library wirelessly. The coolest thing, though, is the way it integrates with the iPad. It’s cool enough using it as a remote (with a very useful real keyboard) but my favorite trick now is to start watching something on Netflix and then pick up exactly where I left off on the iPad later in bed or the bathroom.

I’ve not really been the “splurgy” sort in a long time (was I ever?) but these recent upgrades to my video universe–I call them my “divorce splurges”–have been quite satisfying. The AppleTV was my reward for some good news I’m not really supposed to talk about for a few more days, but it has something to do with this.

Other cool stuff:

  • Cool app. This is the kind of stuff we’re trying to get into at work these days.
  • Bullet point 2.
  • Bullet point 3.
  • Yeah, I’m tired and I’m going to bed now.