Otherstream.otherstream (with greens)

Biggest themes of the evening:

  • I don’t care if everyone else thinks it’s gross. I liked my collards and cheese omelette. Next time, though, I’ll add onions.
  • How the hell did I manage to burn my knee while cooking it?

More random thoughts for a Wednesday evening:

  • I think I’ll probably hang on to that $185,000 rather than spend it on my own TLD. I’ve owned my own domain name for almost fifteen years now, but I’m pretty comfy keeping my personality on the left side of the dot.
  • Best selling point for listening to your own iTunes library rather than the radio: When you hear the first notes of “Werewolves of London”, you can be sure you’ll hear it and not that stupid fucking Kid Rock song from a couple of years back.
  • Good post in general but he author makes one key mistake in assuming that Gannett publishes newspapers. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of reading one of theirs, you know that’s definitely not the case.


2 thoughts on “Otherstream.otherstream (with greens)

  1. I worked at a Gannett newspaper in 2000-03. It was ridiculous. At the time, their business model was based on courting/flattering a dwindling audience of wealthy locals. Gag!!

  2. I’m guessing most people have only seen USA Today as an example of Gannett’s “craft” but their local papers are infinitely worse (and I didn’t think that was possible). Seriously, what Sinclair is to broadcast media and Kmart is to retail, Gannett is to newspapers.

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