Absolutely Thursday night

Random Thursday night stuff:

  • Happiness is…having a late afternoon meeting at Wake Forest which makes for only a ten minute commute home after work.
  • I like 3rd Rock from the Sun. However calling it “science fiction”–as Netflix does–is a bit of a stretch.
  • I’ve been approved to submit a book chapter for publication. That’s sort of like getting permission to apply for a job that doesn’t pay anything. Ah, the things we do for tenure…
  • …or maybe just to stay employed.
  • Why is it that anytime Bank of America comes into my life I wish I’d had some lube?

Sorry. That’s all I’ve got tonight. I had a big essay written that was (gasp) actually about something but I didn’t like it so it’s not here. Maybe it will be eventually.

One thought on “Absolutely Thursday night

  1. Science fiction? I know some people in this country that probably think it’s actually science fact!

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