Calling all Brits (or at least one Brit)

I know I still have one or two readers in the UK. Would one of you consider ordering one of these and shipping it to me if I paid you for the whole shebang? I know the paper wasn’t worth wiping your bum with, but I collect these things.

I would be your BFF. Really…

4 thoughts on “Calling all Brits (or at least one Brit)

  1. I read this post one day too late. I despised the NotW and all the bloody hullabuloo that went on last week but I would have picked it up for you. Damn.

  2. Southern Ireland is not in the UK but I’ll let you away with that one! I’ll do my best on it.

  3. Sorry. My careless shorthand (which was based purely on offer eligibility rather than geography) was a major boner and you can rest assured I know better.

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