Randomly Friday night

Since I no longer have the ABC Friday night lineup from 1972 to count on:

  • I seem to be accidentally stumbling on lots of Canadian films on Netflix of late. There may or may not be any significance to that. Probably not.
  • Speaking of Netflix, I cannot for the life of me determine what movie I’ve ever watched that would suggest that Ayn Rand: In Her Own Words should keep being my “top pick.”
  • Mr. Kellogg and I have, it seems, a radically different notion of what constitutes “one serving” of cereal.
  • Only one more (extremely long and stressful) week till vacation. And a visit from Duncan next week too!
  • Best of all, though: Tonight marks the end of that ten-day run of Erythromycin I’ve been taking for a little gum infection. If you’ve ever taken it, you’ll know why I’ll be very relieved not to be.
  • Maybe even better still: Low of 47F tonight and 41F tomorrow night. Be still my heart.

Good night, all.