Day 6: Toronto and environs


Odometer start: 13518


  • Breakfast: McDonald’s, Toronto. Number 2 meal: Sausage McMuffin, hash browns, Diet Coke. $5.41.
  • Lunch: Café Hesed, Newmarket. Crispy fish lunch special with rice, salad, Fresca. $7.90.
  • Dinner: Smiley’s. Pork souvlaki dinner with Greek salad, rice, potatoes, water. $13.50.

Sleep: Grange Hotel, Toronto.


Rained most of the day so I planned this as my “Car and suburbs” day. Went on the obligatory Walmart run in the morning (St. Clair West) and had breakfast in the attached McDonald’s. Drove back in via Eglinton, then north on Yonge all the way to Newmarket. Hit several stores (photos later on Groceteria) and had a surprisingly good and cheap lunch in a little Chinese-owned café in downtown Newmarket. Drove back in on the 400 on the 407 to Dufferin, with several stops.

Made another long drive too close to rush hour in search of dinner. Ended up far east on Danforth at a Greek diner full of really loudmouthed, obnoxious locals (the Canadian equivalent of rednecks, I guess). The restaurant was a great holdover from the 1970s and I heard both Chilliwack and Saga on the radio while eating. It was sort of like being in a bad 1985 America movie set in Canada.

Came home and watched two shows on HGTV that aren’t on the American version and I realized my chafing from yesterday’s really long walk(s) was in bad shape, so I headed to Shoppers Drug Mart at 11:30 for ointment and band-aids.

Photos (flickr link):

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