Day 7: Toronto


Odometer start: 13628

TTC Day Pass ($10.00).


  • Esso, Lakeshore. ($1.244/litre, 39.2 litres)


  • Breakfast: Gladstone Cafe. Ham, egg, and cheese bagel and maple donut. About $6.00.
  • Lunch: Ethiopiques. Vegetarian platter, water. $9.04.
  • Dinner: Studio Restaurant. Banquet burger, fries, salad, Sprite. $13.40.

Sleep: Grange Hotel, Toronto.


Rain threatened but never really arrived. Drove to breakfast at the Gladstone Café and then did a little Lakeshore drive and came back to the hotel via Bathurst. Decided to risk the dampness and left the car at the hotel, opting for foot and transit the rest of the day. Walked downtown, took the King Street streetcar to Broadview and the Dundas back to Church. Had lunch at a  great Ethiopian place at Church and Dundas. Walked back downtown, bought a memory card at Henry’s and took the King Street streetcar all the way to Jameson. Came back to hotel on the Queen Street car and shot video all the way.

Later on, took the Dundas streetcar to Yonge and then the subway to Wellesley. Had dinner at the Studio Restaurant on Church (which I’d seen on Tuesday). It was a strangely surreal 1960s sort of place. The patrons were me, what I presumed to be a very old gay male couple, and two sweet little old ladies in hats, one of whom was apparently a man dressed as a sweet little old lady in a hat. I loved the place.

Wandered down into the homohood and even briefly into a bar, which reminded me why I no longer go to queer bars. The rain started again on my way home.

Photos (flickr link):

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