Day 8: Toronto


Odometer start: 13643


  • Breakfast: McDonald’s at Spadina and Queen. Sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit combo with hash browns and Diet Coke. About $5.00.
  • Lunch: Wendy’s. Number 1 Single Cheeseburger combo with fries and Fresca. $7.22.
  • Dinner: PizzaIolo. Pepperoni slices. About $8.00.

Sleep: Grange Hotel, Toronto.


My day for eating crappy food because it’s quick and cheap and easy, and for generally being geeky. Quick breakfast at the McDonald’s near my hotel–which is pretty much the only breakfast in the immediate vicinity. Drove downtown to the CBC Broadcast Centre and museum and picked up some stuff in the gift shop. The drove north on Spadina, west on Dupont, north on Weston to Jane, and east on Shepperd. Shot several stores for Groceteria.

Visited the library in North York for several hours to do Groceteria research. Quick lunch across the street at Wendy’s. Back at the library, had to use microfilm, which was really frustrating and gave me inconsistent results. I was only able to research 1950-1980 and even that was a bit spotty. The parking was unexpectedly expensive and it never really rained today as predicted. I kind of wish I’d done walking and transit and skipped the library.

Drove home via Yonge and College. Did some laundry and walked to a pizza place on Queen Street for takeout slices that I ate with my Loblaw’s diet grapefruit soda back at the hotel. Packed a bit. Off to Ottawa tomorrow.

Photos (flickr link):

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