Day 11: Ottawa and environs


Odometer start: 14092


  • Breakfast: Fontenelle Restaurant. Two eggs scrambled, sausages, potatoes, “brown” toast, coffee. $6.75.
  • Lunch: The Extreme Pita. Chicken shawarma takeout. About $6.00.
  • Dinner: Burger King. Chicken sandwich, small fries, takeout. $7.09.

Sleep: WelcomINNS, Ottawa.


Left the hotel about 9:20. There was warning icon on the dashboard; it was an exclamation point, which was no bloody help at all. Fortunately my mom had left the manual in the car and I was able to determine that ! = “low tires”. Filled up the tires at the nearby Petro-Canada and headed off to breakfast at Fontenelle, which apparently opened about fifty years ago and has never been remodeled. This was probably the cheapest breakfast I’ve had in Canada and it was really good.

Drove around Vanier and then around Gatineau this morning. Stopped in several stores, tried to converse in French with mixed success, and bought Mom some birthday presents. The rain came back this afternoon, so about 3:00, I grabbed a bus to downtown Ottawa and put in about three hours at the library doing Groceteria stuff.

Called Mom tonight for her birthday, then went for an evening drive. Mostly downtown, up Bank Street, and around Rideau Street in Vanier. Weary of looking for new and exciting places, I landed at Burger King for dinner. Came home and watched a bit of HGTV on its home turf, Global news, etc., and read my newspapers. Did some packing as I’m staying at Robin’s house tomorrow night.

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