2 thoughts on “I hate Sunday nights

  1. To start, it’s the time when I’m most likely to find myself in a major funk. That really sucks because:

    1. Nothing is open on Sunday night so I can’t even go somewhere to get my mind off it.

    2. It escalates getting to sleep on Sunday night way past “difficult” and into “impossible.” And even if I do get to sleep, all I’ve got to look forward to upon getting up is Monday morning.

    3. “The Simpsons” is no longer an adequate diversion and hasn’t been for several years. “American Dad” was never an adequate diversion.

    For some reason, being alone bothers me a lot on Sunday nights, when the rest of the planet seems to be nesting quite snugly. It really doesn’t bother me nearly so much on other nights. It’s also the time when everything else that’s bothering me seems to yell, “Please think about me now.” Maybe it’s because there’s nowhere to run away from it on Sunday night.

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