Back to normal?

Or back to work, at least.

The week from hell now being more or less over, my mom is in a facility in High Point awaiting a possible move to one closer to home. My dad is coping as best he can; I think I underestimated how much of an effect this would have on him. And I’m back at my desk with a pile of deferred work, thinking that after two miserable Christmas seasons in a row I’m pretty much ready to say “the hell with it” as far as the holidays are concerned from here on out.

But I’ll make this valiant effort anyway, even though my heart ain’t in it:

All that said, I’m generally feeling better about life than I was a few days ago. Actually having gotten some sleep helps a lot, as does not worrying about what “Mom crisis” I’ll be confronted with his morning–or worse, at 10:00 tonight. I even found myself happily singing along with some BB Brunes song last night on the way home from visiting her–even though I had no earthly fucking idea what I was singing (my French is rusty). I also started on something else rather positive last night that I shan’t mention just now.

So there’s hope.

Note to everyone who’s emailed, texted, and called over the past few days: Thanks. It’s really been nuts and I haven’t had time to acknowledge everyone yet, but I really do appreciate it.

I am excited at the prospect of actually having a weekend next weekend.