Videolog: Should I See

Frozen Ghost
Should I See (1987)

I don’t think I ever paid much attention to how much of a Fixx knockoff this band was. Nor did I realize until recently just how many “forgotten” 1980s bands are still very much remembered in their home country of Canada.

9 thoughts on “Videolog: Should I See

  1. We were at a local music festival this weekend, and when at one venue that was featuring bands that were solidly of the bar band/cover variety, I said to Brad, “This band sounds like Loverboy.” The reply? “Maybe it is.” It’s Western New York…Canada bands are definitely a possibility.

  2. They definitely remember the 80’s. Every time I travel to Toronto I hear at least one Cory Hart and one Martha and the Muffins songs.

  3. By regulation 25% of the music on Canadian radio has to be devoted to Canadian artists so they don’t really have much to draw on, I never get tired of The Guess Who though.

  4. That would explain why Canadian radio plays more of the April Wine back catalogue an I ever even realized existed…

  5. I gotta say I’ve always loved “Say Hello” by April Wine off Harder Faster. It’s a song that takes me back to 1979-80 and WKNC at NC State… and very little takes me back there.

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