You’re soaking in it

As an academic librarian in a university setting, I find myself engaged in stimulating intellectual discussions on a daily basis. For example, just a few minutes ago a colleague and I were debating about whether Jane Withers played Madge, the Palmolive lady, in the commercials. Of course, we now know (being librarians) that Jan Winer played Madge. Jane Withers was, in fact, Josephine the Plumber.

Evidence and context:

The discussion also strayed into such important areas as the extra value Rosemary Clooney found with Coronet, Rosie’s quicker picker upper, and the special appeal of Martha Raye, denture wearer.

I like being a librarian.

And I want a big can of “Other Cleanser.” Right now.

4 thoughts on “You’re soaking in it

  1. I would have known Jane Withers was Josephine – but I can no idea who played Madge.

  2. Was there another discussion as to how butch all the spokeswoman characters were for supposedly mundane household products, and that by chance it was a collective wishful push on society that we accept lesbianism as “normal” in the home?

    Oh, you southern librarians are all so … surface!

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