Videolog: Ordinary World

Duran Duran – Ordinary World by DuranDuran-Official

Duran Duran
Ordinary World (1992)

I always really liked this song and it brings back rather pleasant memories of my first few months in San Francisco. Musically, I think i enjoyed the early 1990s more than any other time of my life. Those were the days when Live 105 was a true commercial alt-pop station that played everything from King Missile to 808 State and Soundgarden to Depeche Mode. That is to say it was a far cry from the bastardized nu-metal atrocity that it (and many of its sister “alternative” stations) became in the days of Limp Bizkit and later Linkin’ Park.

Duran Duran is a band that I sort of enjoy more now than I did in the actual 1980s from whence they came. I think their music has aged well. I’m not suggesting that it sounds fresh and new, because it doesn’t. It is very much a product of its time and sounds it, but it doesn’t come across as laughably dated like, say, Total Coelo, to The Other Ones (thanks, Duncan). Duran Duran’s music reads more like the 1980s equivalent of a 1950s pop standard. It’s obviously period music, but not a parody of the period. Hall and Oates falls into this category of 1980s pop that’s aged pretty well, too, I think.

Of course, “Ordinary World” is from 1992, so the relevance of that last paragraph is maybe a bit suspect…

3 thoughts on “Videolog: Ordinary World

  1. I got the Other Ones confused with the Only Ones, who ranked a wee bit higher in my mind. That link as a shock.

  2. I’m going to see them next week in Durham, I’ll let you know how it holds up live. I expect it to do so quite well.

  3. I have a feeling you’re probably right. If I’d thought a little more in advance, I might have gone to that show too. I will anxiously await your review.

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