On a Sunday

I’m working on digitizing a video letter I wrote to a friend probably seventeen years ago so that he can have it on DVD. This means I am:

  • Amazed that the VHS has held up as well as it has. There are dropouts but it looks pretty good considering it was done in six-hour mode and involves second and third generation video of variable quality.
  • Even more amazed at how well I was able to do the analog editing way back in 1995 using two VCRs and a cheap boom box. It worked, strangely enough…
  • Hoping I’ll uncover some of the assorted video I lost over the years, including such classics as “Greensboro 1994, Part 1″and “Three-way with the boy who had a pink mohawk.”
  • Also hoping this will jumpstart some of the other video digitization I’ve sort of floundered on in the past year.

I’ll tell you how it comes out.

2 thoughts on “On a Sunday

  1. When I re-read this, I realized it sort of read like I was using two VCRs now, which is not the case.

    Didn’t uncover much lost video but it did make me realize how much my hairline had receded since 1995 and how much darker my chin scruff used to be. That was sort of depressing.

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