They might be giants

After being in something of a mood, I opted for my semi-traditional Sunday night torta followed by a movie on Netflix. I’d had this one in my instant queue for a while, not knowing much about it, and I decided tonight would be a good night to give it a shot.

It was a good choice. Aside from being a really quite wonderful movie (which lent its name to a really quite wonderful band), it was full of those gritty New York in the 1970s location shots I’m such a sucker for, including Times Square and what I assumed to be the interior of the now-demolished Rialto Theatre. But I hit the jackpot with the final fifteen minutes, most of which were filmed inside a vintage Pathmark store:


Suffice to say I’m in a better frame of mind as I go to bed.

One thought on “They might be giants

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning this. I have not watched it in 30 to 35 years, but remember seeing it many times at 1 a.m. in grainy “Million Dollar Movie” broadcasts. It’s worth it if only for seeing Jack Gilford whose Cracker Jacks commercial were central to my childhood. It is an odd convergence of several fading and emerging trends of a try specific era. I probably never would have come across it on my Netflix queue since they are always so off base on their “Top 10” for me.

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