Seven years is not enough

After seven years and four months, I fear I may be losing the G5 tower. It hasn’t been my primary machine in about a year and a half, but I’ve been using it to digitize video while I do my regular stuff on a slightly newer iMac I got in the divorce settlement (and which isn’t feeling 100% healthy itself). The G5 has performed pretty well although it’s been a bit flaky the past week or so. I feared the problem might be an external drive I was using, but that’s apparently not it. Right now, I can’t even boot in safe mode or using a CD. Based on everything I’ve read it looks like I may have a fried CPU and/or motherboard.

I was thinking about buying a new desktop machine next week during the tax-free weekend anyway. I think it’s time.

2 thoughts on “Seven years is not enough

  1. Still waffling on that. Probably one of the 27-inch iMacs, although there will likely come a time when I regret not buying a Mac Pro. Specifically, the first time I need to replace a hard drive…

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