Randomly Sunday night

Three things I really don’t give a flying fuck about about tonight:

  • Prince Harry’s wang.
  • Lance Armstrong’s body chemistry.
  • Whether or not the Republican National Convention ever starts.

Three things I do care about tonight:

  • Great post about one of my own idols, Victor Gruen. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the “inventor” of the suburban mall was actually very much an urbanist at heart and had some interesting ideas on development strategies in the postwar years.
  • Interesting commentary on the “Quebec question.”
  • Good story on how digital may be the death of many historic cinemas in resort towns (and probably other small towns as well).

One thought on “Randomly Sunday night

  1. Interesting. Never knew about Gruen and the original vision of shopping malls.

    That now makes two of the big icons of postwar development I am aware of which were built in a form different than originally envisioned. (The first being Interstate highway system, which were originally planned to not be built through existing, older urban areas, as that was thought to be too detrimental to them. That plan got shot down largely by the cities themselves, who attacked it as a way to slight them of Federal spending and infrastructure that other areas would get.)

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