DC, Labor Day

In case you care, photos from my Labor Day weekend trip to DC are here (or below).

Random thoughts on DC:

  • I hadn’t really spent any significant time in DC in over twenty years (and not much even before) but I have spent a fair of time in Baltimore and the DC ‘burbs in my life. It was good to dive into DC proper.
  • There is construction everywhere. Seriously. It’s as if DC is preparing for a sudden influx of about three times as many people as are there currently.
  • It’s much whiter than I expected. Apparently the black population has declined from seventy to a bit over fifty percent in the past few decades due to a surburbanizing black middle class, a growing Asian and Hispanic population, and your basic, old-fashioned gentrification.
  • I didn’t wander by accident into any neighborhoods that gave me the willies. Of course, I also didn’t venture south of the Anacostia River, either.
  • Except for Dupont Circle and environs, DC didn’t seem nearly as tight-assed as I’d remembered it being.
  • Good trip, all in all. I’ll probably be back soon. It’s kind of a perfect three-day weekend destination for me.