Best. Weekend. Ever


…or this year, at least.

Once in a while I make exactly the right choice. This was one of those times. What a great weekend! Had a quite lovely time visiting old friends Dan, Lori, and New York–none of whom I’ve seen enough of in recent years. Pictures and other such things to follow, but probably not until after I get some sleep and get through a really brutal four days at work.

Completely unrelated: Anyone who’s paying attention knows I’m not wild about hot weather. But I’m also starting to get a little alarmed that it’s well into May and I’m still tempted to turn on the heat because it’s only 60F in my living room.

One thought on “Best. Weekend. Ever

  1. Your science phrase of the day: Rossby waves. There’s a big one over the USA right now. East is cold, west is warm. We’ve had 70s and 80s (even upper 80s one day) in Seattle, *very* unusual for early May — usually don’t see any 80s until June or July here.

    Such waves are typically about the width of North America in length, so they often cause one coast to have the opposite sort of weather as the other when deep ones set up.

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