Minimizing the chaos

The biggest barrier I’ve had to cross in my parents’ house has been getting it restored to my own standard of cleanliness and order. It may shock anyone who’s known me for a long time to learn that I’ve become something of a neat freak the past few years–a rather neat and tidy housekeeper. I have some thoughts about the psychological basis as to how and when this drastic shift occurred, most of which have to do with my need to find some aspect of my life over which I could have complete control at a time when I felt like I was starting to lose it, but I’ll skip all that for now and say that it’s been hard getting the house to that point but I’m beginning to see the light.

There’s still a fair amount of stuff I need to get rid of here before I start moving some of my own stuff in, but I’m spending three or four nights a week here now and it’s not altogether uncomfortable. I’m seeing less of my dad lying on the floor back in January or my mom being completely paranoid and hysterical the year before, and more of where my books and toys and things might look good. Getting my own furniture in here will be a big help but that will probably have to wait until I sell my current house.

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