Day 1: Greensboro to Pittsburgh

After checking the weather, I decided to leave today rather than tomorrow so I’d have a sunny day in Pittsburgh. That meant I left at 4:00 and rolled into the Red Roof Inn just before 11:00. The drive, which I can still pretty much do in my sleep, was extra exhausting tonight and I’m actually a little sore. But the particularly dark part between Summersville and Clarksburg was made bearable by a really good set on CBC Radio 3 (streaming Canadian indie rock to the world).

I miss Pittsburgh. It always seemed really homey to me despite the baggage that came to be associated with it. I love the newspaper and the food and just the whole feel of the place. In many ways, it’s the antithesis of San Francisco. I’m excited to actually be spending some time here again.

Tomorrow will bring:

  • Breakfast at Barb’s Country Kitchen or Ritter’s.
  • Lunch or dinner at Smallman Street.
  • Maybe a stroll through South Side and Squirrel Hill.
  • A bookstore or two.

I’ll probably leave Tuesday morning for Buffalo and the border. Unless I don’t.