Day 5: Burlington to Toronto

Breakfast at the Skyway Diner in Burlington proved to be the cheapest and one of the bet of the trip so far. I got out relatively early and was in Toronto before noon. Fortunately, I was able (a) to park right in front of the hotel for check-in and (b) actually to check in three hours early. My room is huge, it has a view of sorts and the place is really nice and well-located. My only complaint is that it has the lowest toilet I’ve ever sat upon, in what is also a very small bathroom given the size of the room in general. Seriously, I keep tripping over the potty en route to the shower.

After checking in, I walked down to a shawarma joint on Yonge Street (OK but nothing special) and the Annex to buy books, see Honest Ed’s for maybe one of the last times, and generally commune with the spirit of Jane Jacobs on Bloor Street.

I walked down the street to Fran’s for dinner a bit later. Had a Monte Cristo sandwich, just because it sounded so old-fashioned–as if it might come with a carrot salad and a pack of cigarettes on the side or something. The waitress was amused.

Not sure if I will venture back out. There’s supposed to be rain and snow tonight.