Random thoughts from Canada, eh

I’ll get back to the daily trip entries soon, but some random thoughts for late at night:

  • Why did I never think before about seeing if there were white noise apps? There are, by the way, and I’ll tell you how effective they are tomorrow. I think I’m going to opt for “airplane cabin” tonight.
  • Watching two bored-looking guys get bound together with any number of nonbiodegradable substances (cellophane, trash bags, duct tape…) to the tune of “Ghostbusters” has a certain whimsy about it–unplanned, I fear.
  • That whole “eliminating pennies” thing? Brilliant.
  • McDonald’s hummus wrap and Wendy’s falafel sub: Two things that really exist now in Canada. This is a good thing, right?

Bed now. I actually have plans both for lunch and dinner tomorrow, which is more of a social calendar than I’m used to.