Rest in peace, my little orange friend


Unfortunately, my time with Puppy (f/k/a Rebel Rebel) was destined to be short. He died on my deck just before 6:00 tonight. We’d been playing and I went inside to get his dinner. I was inside for a couple of minutes and when I came out, I saw that he was lying on his side. As I got closer, I heard him making a horrible moaning sound. I bent down to rub his head and try to figure out what was wrong. He coughed a few times and after that, he didn’t move or respond anymore. After a few minutes I realized he wasn’t breathing.

Maybe he knew the end was coming and he just wanted someone to be nice to him for his last few months. I’m glad I got to be that person. I’m also glad I got be with him at the end. Maybe it was a little less scary for him.

I’ll miss the little orange furball and I think I’m probably going to feel pretty rotten over the next few days. But I’m glad the end came quickly and relatively painlessly (for him) and I’m glad we got lots of extra play time over the past few days.

I’ve never been a cat person and I probably won’t become one now, but Puppy was a special case.

3 thoughts on “Rest in peace, my little orange friend

  1. I’m really sorry. He was fortunate to find a kind friend. They do have a way of finding their way into our hearts.

  2. Thanks. I miss him a lot but I’m really glad he didn’t have lingering health problems, etc. The past few years with my parents have made me see the value of going quickly.

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