5 October 1992

Twenty-three years ago today, while the President and his wife were presumably on their honeymoon, I started my new life in San Francisco. The whole cross-country road trip has been on my mind more than usual this year because the days of the week line up (5 October was a Monday in 1992 as well) and because my mind works that way. I woke up that morning in Winnemucca, stopped in Vallejo on the way in to call my soon-to-be roomies, and met them at the Market Street Safeway around sundown. I started work two days later.

Interestingly enough, this year also marked my first return visit to Nashville since that trip and my first return trip to San Francisco since 2010. I do not anticipate visiting Kansas City, Denver, nor Winnemucca this year, but one should never rule out things like this.

Other fifth days of October in my past: