Torture at 3AM…

Torture: When you really need to take a piss, but you can’t because you’re dreaming that you’re having a conversation with someone who won’t shut the fuck up long enough for you to excuse yourself.

I’ve been having very vivid dreams lately. I seem to be sleeping really well in general, only waking up once a night (which qualifies as “really well” for me.) I’m not sure if the dreams are a result of all the allergy medications or just of my anxiety about the fact that the country is, you know, falling apart at the hands of a mentally ill cartoon villain.

But the dreams keep coming.

And they’re exhausting.

A running theme in my dreams seems to be that I find myself endlessly walking around large cities, apparently looking for something. I’m usually not alone; I tend to be either with a colleague from work, an old friend I haven’t talked to in years, or an ex. Sometimes my companion turns into someone else over the course of the dream. But we’re always walking.

After several years of observing wandering behavior in dementia patients while visiting my mom, I’ve started wondering about whether there might be a connection. Does my future involve wandering around the nursing home thinking I’m in Manhattan looking for some mysterious something?

I think I need a nap now…

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