Herbert and Rosanna

Rosanna Arquette (who is five years older than me) and Herbert Hoover (who is dead) have both passed another birthday.

I’m celebrating the event in Boston, just as I did thirty-three years ago, when Rosanna Arquette was also five years older than me and Herbert Hoover was also dead. I bought books, I ate unhealthy food, and I finally saw Salem, Lowell, and Lawrence. And I had lasagna under the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

And I’m not going to share any great new wisdom. But here’s a picture of the tower:

And here’s where I didn’t eat lunch because they were closed:

That’s all I got…

Fifteen months…

…but the clock is ticking.

It was fifteen months ago today that I started working from home “for a few weeks” due to the pandemic. I’ve been shooting a selfie every three months since. This may be the last one, as I’m already back in the office about twenty-five hours a week and will probably be doing more in the next month or two.

It’s been a weird year (and a quarter).