Videolog: Falling In and Out

Falling In and Out (1981)

It apparently took this record three years to make it from New Zealand to the US, where it was released in 1984. Frankly, they could have left the outfits at home. The song may not exactly have stood the test of time either, but it beats some of its competition from the era.

Randomly Tuesday: LA, origins of the species, etc.

More random stuff for a Thursday afternoon:

  • My new snack obsession. I find myself shopping a lot at Trader Joe’s now that there’s one in my neighborhood, even for things like produce and meat. It’s amazing how much more pleasant shopping at TJ’s is when you don’t have to do it at one in San Francisco.
  • Hear hear to the assertion that contrary to popular belief, LA is “one of the most urban cities in the world” and also to the recognition that LA is in fact a very densely populated place.
  • Speaking of LA
  • Despite the fact that I’ve just never gotten that whole “bear” thing (the gay one), one thing I very much believe is that the whole scene was largely inspired by this show. Anyhow, I may have to own the DVDs now that they’re available.
  • Did I mention that this was really cool?

At some point soon, I’ll expand on my exciting weekend in Tennessee, summer vacation plans, and more. But that time is not today.