Sunday afternoon

Had a visit from my friend Duncan this weekend. Actually, I’m still having it but he’s off at a Super Bowl party, and as I’ve probably said before, I don’t follow baseball. So I’ve spent my leisurely Sunday afternoon eating leftover Chinese food from Sampan and obtaining long out of print music here, including two things I’ve been seeking for a really long time.

Maybe a bit of cafeteria tonight followed by the final proofreading of my grant application (which is now finished, by the way). After that, Ellery Queen or Dragnet, methinks.

This is the first actual weekend I’ve had in quite a while. They’re nice, huh?

In the pink

In the past few weeks, I’ve ordered lemonade at several different restaurants and fast food joints. Nearly every time, they’ve asked me whether I minded if it was pink lemonade, leaving me wondering why the hell I should care what color the damned lemonade is. The only thing I can come up with is that they’re assuming that as a guy, I must have some terrific fear that if I ingest something pink, my testicles will fall off or something.

It’s an invalid assumption.

Fifteen years

Yeah, so the site was born fifteen years ago today, albeit under a different name. I’m not sure there’s really anything all that profound to say about it at this point. The old website definitely ain’t what it used to be but for some reason I keep on doing it, even long after the “use or freeze by” date has passed.

Thanks to all of you who’ve stuck around for the ride. Hope you’ve had a little fun somewhere along the way. I have.