Love and marriage

Tonight at dinner, a friend and coworker was asking me if I thought I’d ever get married again. I replied, as you might imagine, that I could scarcely imagine anything more unlikely. But I may have changed my mind. I think I’m ready to engage in a long-term relationship with the shower head in my hotel room. It’s quite wonderful. It’s not a sex thing, but damn…

That said, the “massaging soap” is really creeping me the fuck out.


Your limited gubmint

It seems that whole Republican “limited government” philosophy only applies when starting or ending a marriage is not involved.

I will not allow the state to decide how a portion of my income will be spent nor to regulate my business, but I’m happy as a clam to allow the state to tell me whom I may choose to marry and how long we must stay together.

Uh huh…

Cold things

The coldest March in recent memory continues and for about the fifth time in the past three weeks, I have no heat. That means that instead of using my holiday for good, I get to spend yet another day waiting for the plumber to come out and not fix it correctly. This annoys me. I may just spend the weekend at my other house.

The Weather Channel is no longer predicting snow showers in DC next week. I’m pretty much OK with that.

I’m bored with this theme now and am going to bed.

Good medicine

Tuesday night on the couch:

  • My doctor is very happy that there’s currently about eighteen percent less of me than there was six months ago. Blood pressure 103/68. Heart rate 63. All blood looking good too. I’m surprisingly healthy. But I had to laugh when he asked how my stress level had been for the past six months. Which is much better than crying…
  • Were I (a) Jewish and (b) in Toronto, this would have been my seder choice. Actually, I probably would’ve done it despite my lack of religion.
  • Good read. Not quite as good as I’d hoped but still very good.
  • Next week I’ll be in DC doing a conference presentation inside the National Archives. That’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds but at least I get to visit an old friend. And maybe even some snow–or so says The Weather Channel.
  • Still haven’t decided where to live. Suggestions welcome. It’s a call I really need to make pretty soon.