Randomly Tuesday afternoon

So this post can seem vaguely work-related (since…um…I’m at work) here’s a lovely picture of where my new office will be in May. Enjoy with me my view through the window of one of the oldest dorms still standing on the campus.

Now for stuff:

  • I don’t really want to live in Montreal. It’s too cold and the politics are too complicated. That said, if I had a place in Habitat, I might consider it.
  • Speaking of Canada, is it sad that I listen to so much Canadian radio that Sleep Country Canada is the first place I would go to look for a new bed?
  • Also speaking of Canada (I do that a lot), you probably have Can-con regulations to thank for the fact that anyone still remembers (or plays) songs like this. But I love anyplace where people actually call in and request Martha and the Muffins.
  • What is Frank Lloyd Wright’s relationship to Anne Baxter and Lincoln Logs? Read this and know the truth.
  • The perils of historic preservation.
  • Related to nothing above: I made a really good meatloaf Sunday night.

Now for more random photos:

Got to attend a presentation by the author of one of my favorite books last week. That was fun.

I’ve been a librarian for over three years but this was the first actual book display I’d ever helped with. My second-in-command (pictured above) gets most of the credit, though.

And now I’m off to a two-hour meeting that will no doubt be every bit as exciting as this post was…

Customer servitude

I know it’s too easy ranting about the post office, but damn, what a staggering level of incompetence they exhibit. They do a great job of delivering unprofitable letters on Saturday at forty-odd cents a pop but they really blow it on the added-value stuff that might actually make them profitable if they did it correctly–like the express package I should have gotten yesterday but will be lucky to see by Monday despite my having followed their instructions to the letter to have it redelivered today. I can’t even track the damned thing. And don’t get me started on the phone call to try to determine its status.

The sad thing is that I’d actually been trying to use the postal service again over the past few years. After my last two run-ins, though, I’m swearing off for anything other than the basics. Mistakes happen but these involved too many distinct levels of them.

Additional awards for staggering incompetence today go to my doctor’s office and the fine folks in Target’s pharmacy department but that’s a rant for another day. Suffice to say that it does not fill me with confidence that my pharmacist can’t tell me which prescriptions have or haven’t been filled and that my physician’s office barely seems to give a shit one way or the other.

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood and should go to bed. Yes, that would be the wisest course.