So in the past week…

We’ve progressed from nervous laughter to just plain nervous.

Here in Otherstreamland, all the bars are closed and the restaurants have moved to takeout-only mode per a statewide order. The schools, libraries, and museums are closed. The theatres, if they aren’t closed already, might as well be. The supermarkets seem better stocked (and less crowded) here than in much of North America, but there’s still no toilet paper, hand sanitizer, nor disinfecting spray cleaner. Nor alcohol (of the rubbing variety), for that matter. Beer is plentiful, at least.

The university where I work got what is more or less an “abandon ship” order today. Dorms are closing, except for students who have no other options. The library may or may not stay open, but most of us have been ordered to start working remotely by tomorrow afternoon. I’ve got my VPN and my remote desktop client (and a huge external drive just in case) and I’m set to work at home for the foreseeable future. I’m not really looking forward to it, but at least I still have a job.

I no longer visit my 91-year-old aunt next door because Great Pumpkin only knows what I might be carrying around from the petri dish where I work.

And there is nothing about this that anyone else in the country (nor most of the world) would probably find all that unusual right now.

By the numbers

Things insomnia made me count. In my life I have:

  • Owned 3 houses and rented 5 apartments.
  • Lived in 3 states (4 if you count a vacation home).
  • Had 2 roommates (not counting a few temporary situations of less than a month).
  • Had 1 (common law) husband.
  • Owned 9 cars.
  • Had 6 traffic accidents, 2 of which were ruled my fault.
  • Spent time in 3 countries, including 45 U.S. states and 6 Canadian provinces.
  • Had sex in at least 24 states.
  • Had phone numbers with 5 area codes.
  • No brothers or sisters, but 14 first cousins (approximately 12 of whom are still alive).
  • Spent 2 nights in a hospital (not counting when I was born).
  • Been to 0 high school class reunions (with plans to attend 0 more).
  • Had 5 primary home computers (all Macs, which is why I had each one for so long).
  • Had 3 full-time employers (though I had multiple positions in multiple locations for the first two, plus a ton of part-time and freelance employers).
  • Had 4 medical procedures for which I was put completely under.

Dad, age 10 (or so)…

This is my dad, probably age 10 or so. Until tonight, I’d never seen a picture of him as a little boy. I have a baby picture and then just a big gap until he was in the navy, twenty years later.

Interestingly, I have tons of pictures of my mom as a little girl, but none of really anyone from my dad’s side of the family during the same era. Literally none. used to think it was because they were really poor (Great Depression, etc.) but I see now that there actually were pictures. They just all seem to have ended up with his sisters. I guess keeping up with photos was more of a “girl thing” in those days.

I’m glad that’s maybe less true now…