Thanks, alphabetically:

  • To Aunt Charlene for long distance galore.
  • To Aunt Norma for the game.
  • To Becky for the ornament (buy yours here).
  • To Dan for all kinds of meat-related ephemera.
  • To Dan (different one) for having Christmas dinner at his house this year.
  • To Debbie for the CD case.
  • To Duncan and Rick for this (and this, while I’m at it).
  • To Jamie for this.
  • To Kevin for the bizarre item which will be pictured later.
  • To Mark for these.
  • To Mom and Dad for the new monitor you didn’t know you were buying me.
  • To Steve for candy.
  • To Uncle Wesley for, well, money.

Lastly, thanks to all of you, for holding your tongues and not telling me how much you hate the current round of changes on the site(s) until after New Year’s.