Really, I like to hear from people. The reality, though, is that while I read all my mail, I don’t answer a lot of it. It’s nothing personal, and I feel bad about it, but sitting in front of my computer is not a top priority these days. So please get in touch, but don’t feel slighted if you don’t hear back from me quickly (or at all).

Want to give me things? Go here.

Want to chat or send me an instant message? Too bad. You can’t.

The rules. Please read these. Seriously.

  1. Be civil. Do not spam. Do not threaten. You will come to regret it.
  2. Anonymous messages will be discarded. Flames will be extingushed, ignored, or published, at my sole discretion.
  3. If you’re discussing a specific page, please give some indication which one it is.
  4. If you’re too chickenshit (and too insecure in your opinions) to include a valid return address, don’t bother writing because you’re an idiot and I couldn’t care less what you think anyway.


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