Erroneous Assumptions

PJ said: “and the really shitty part? the “gay community” is just as bad. this community that’s supposed to be about supporting diversity? augh, sorry, i’m not even going to start down that road.”

OK. I’ll start down that road instead. Who didn’t see THAT coming?

Things Sodomites and non-Sodomites (erroneously) assume about me because I like to suck dick:

  • That everything I do is somehow related to sucking dick.
  • That I will be interested in what made for TV movie happens to have a gay character this week.
  • That I really give a flying fuck whether or not any given celebrity is gay.
  • That I really want to see naked pictures of complete strangers the first time they email me (especially when they’re ugly).
  • That having a “very active gay community” or a “big gay scene” is a top consideration in where I choose to live.
  • That I am, God forbid, a “spokesperson” for the “gay community”.
  • That I believe there is such a thing as a “gay community”.
  • That I ever use the acronym “LGBTQ” in everyday conversation.
  • That I don’t laugh at people who DO use it.
  • That I ever read The Advocate or visit Planet Out.
  • That I find the statement “I never would gave guessed about you” to be a compliment (or an insult, for that matter).
  • That, by definition, I have loads of shared interests with every other Sodomite on the planet.
  • That I know about all the crappy music (movies, books, jargon, etc.) that I’m “supposed” to.

Glad to get that off my chest…