The Weekend

This is so cool. It’s almost July and it’s raining outside. Those of you who are not familiar with California’s seasonal climates can be excused for not understanding how odd this is, but I’m loving it…

But God forbid there should be thunder or lightning.

High point of the weekend: not getting charged for my taste-free meatballs at dinner Friday night with Dan and Jamie.

Alternate: Simpsons marathon Saturday night.

Low point of the weekend: getting anywhere near Civic Center yesterday even if it was just to catch a bus to the Mission for a burrito.

Alternate: standing in line at my corner store behind six very proud and very chemically-enhanced idiots who couldn’t make a decision or count money if their white tank tops depended on it. But they looked fabulous. Really.

Tedious activity of the weekend: creating many banner ads for TV shows I probably won’t watch.

Alternate: walking to the Mission upon realizing that no bus could cut through all the parade-related traffic.