Thyroid 101

OK, I promise not to make this into one of those “this is what I learned about my new disease today” websites, but these are the amusing revelations I had while reading about all my current drugs:

  • My only dietary restriction is that I’m specifically NOT supposed to eat any green, leafy vegetables.
  • One potential side effect is persistent, painful erections.
  • Another potential side effect is shortness of breath, the very symptom I was originally being treated for.
  • One pill doesn’t mix well with Acetominophen, while another precludes the use of Aspirin or Ibuprophen. No headaches allowed.

And whycome anyone who has a medical reason to stop smoking (heart trouble, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, etc.) is not really supposed to use the nicotine gum which might help them do so?

All the same, this hyperthyroid diagnosis may well explain my recent oversensitivity to heat, general fatigue, and irritability. But I’m going to try to hang on to the irritability part. It sort of suits me.