Chris Matthews Must Shut Up

Cool. We’ve got a good old-fashioned storm going on here. It’s rare enough to get thunder and lightning in San Francisco, but to get it with a rare September rain is just sort of making my night.

It’s making me forget all about having met Windoze 2000 face to face for the first time this afternoon. After throwing things around the office and uttering (screaming?) profanities I’d forgotten I knew, it was nice to come home and hug my Mac.

It’s also diverting my attention from Chris Matthews on MSNBC. Does anyone else think he just needs to shut the hell up? He’s loud and obnoxious, but I could almost stand that if he weren’t such a miserably rude interviewer. He’s the sort who asks a question and, as soon as the interviewee opens his mouth to answer, asks another one on a completely unrelated topic. And then he complains about not getting an answer.

He’s just awful, and it’s even sadder that he’s usually hosting an interview/panel show. In an hour-long show, you can be assured of at least 45 minutes of his annoying voice. Chris really needs to move past journalistic masturbation and actually listen to someone else once in a while.