Stupid Radio Slogans

About a year ago, I was really annoyed by these stupid commericials for a local radio station which promised “classic rock that rocks”. Just plain idiotic. What the hell else would classic rock DO exactly? Dance a little jig? Bake a cake? Go shopping?

This year, there’s a new contender for stupidest tagline of the decade: “critics agree that Star 101.3 brings you 80s, 90s, now.” Really? Well, of course it does; it’s not really an arguable point, is it? It might be if they claimed that “critics agree we bring you the BEST of the 80s and 90s”, but this way, it’s sort of like advertising “Supreme Court agrees that ESPN shows sports programming everyday” or “SF Chronicle admits that KPIX is a CBS affiliate”. Big fucking revelations, huh?