As I’ve said before, one of the benefits of living 3000 miles from your family is that you very often get to choose who you spend the holidays with. I spent mine having a most luscious meal with Sarah and Brad, and later having a shop, a drive and a snack with Jamie. Both worked quite nicely, thanks…


  • Sarah can cook. But I already knew this.
  • High definition TV is a very good thing. I pretty much knew this too.
  • Thanksgiving Day is a surprisingly easy day to park in North Beach.
  • Thanksgiving Day is a good day to shop at Tower Records and a bad day to shop at Kmart.
  • The Tower Records in North Beach is much better than the one at Stonestown.
  • Having one’s laundry done before the weekend really starts is a significant source of contentment.

Mark arrives in the morning, and I’m now popping in a movie and officially placing myself on email sabbatical until Sunday. You are forewarned…

If anyone cares, I’m testing a new front page at Planet SOMA. I’ve decided that since I can’t seem to add any new content over there, I’ll just keep remodeling so it looks new…