My friend Duncan sent me this a while back, and I forgot to post it here.

That kind of says it all for me. I really don’t like Facebook. Mind you, I like it a damn sight more than I ever liked MySpace, but I hate an environment where (a) I can’t do much to change the annoying interface, and (b) I don’t own and have control over my own published content. I’m also not wild about some of the freaks that I hated in high school who have come out of the woodwork via Facebook wanting a “friendship” that we never had before and that I see no reason to initiate now, even if it is just virtual.

I’ve had an account for more than a year (I had to set it up as a class project), and I’ve averaged looking at it maybe once or twice a month since its inception. However, I find that I have several friends (and I use that term in the real sense rather than the social networking site sense) who are only found on Facebook. Thus, I’ve been making an effort for the past week or so to play nice so that I can keep up with them. That said, rationale (b) above tells you why this website will continue to be the place where I post most of my own stuff. As in 99.5% of it.

I’m comfortable with the fact that some people will miss out on things due to this fact.