I don’t often talk about stats these days because…well…there’s not much to talk about. But over the past year, my top traffic-generating metro areas have been:

  1. Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point and environs
  2. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose and environs
  3. Seattle/Tacoma (almost a dead heat with SF, which makes me very happy for some reason)
  4. Washington
  5. Albany/Schenectady
  6. Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio, says the librarian in me)
  7. Buffalo and environs
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Toronto
  10. San Diego and environs

Interestingly enough, I get a fair amount of hits from the Triad that don’t seem to originate from me, although I never hear from any of these people and have no idea who they are.

Mac penetration is high among my users, at 25% (30% if you count iOS). Microsoft Internet Exploder penetration, on the other hand, is mercifully low, at just under 30%. Firefox is tops, with 32%, followed by IE, Chrome (19%) and Safari (17%). Users are just about evenly split between new and returning visitors, with 16% of all visits coming from users who hit the site more than one hundred times per year. The average viewer looks at 1.88 pages per visit and spends a whopping minute and a half on the site.

The most popular posts over the past year?

  1. The Ghost Mall
  2. Best Dilbert ever
  3. Minnie and Yogi and Arthur and Roy
  4. Robert Plant’s crotch
  5. Something to build on

As far as years go, my users prefer 2011 to 1999. I’m not entirely sure I agree. And the number one traffic source that’s not a search engine continues to be this page at, which explains the top-ranked post above.

This, mind you, is the traffic for Otherstream. In case size matters, Groceteria gets about ten times the traffic of this site and does not skew nearly so pro-Mac nor anti-IE.