OK, so the Jackass Hill Road sign just wasn’t all that funny after about five days. Sorry. I’ve been busy. I’m not sure what I’ve been busy DOING, but I sure have been busy.

I haven’t even had time to dig very far into the pile of books Adric sent me this week. That’s reserved for this coming weekend and should take about six months or so. I’m, talking a LOT of books.

Part of what I’ve been doing is research for Bottles (and the upcoming made for TV movie, no doubt). Lurking around all those college libraries, along with listening to a couple of friends talking about college registration, has uncovered a mildly nagging desire in me to go back to school. It’s reminded me that one of the situations in which I’m truly contented is when I’m researching some major project. You’d think there could be a career in that somewhere.

I’ve also been working. Two TV station sites, two porn sites, and miscellaneous other projects. I’ve also been eating horribly, which usually happens when I’m working a lot. But we had nice, healthy Ethiopian food on Friday night, so that cancels out all the crap, right?

Things I hate today:

  • Libraries which have everything I need stored in some inaccessible off-site warehouse.
  • My low-flow toilet (again).

Things I love today: