The Joys of Being Single

There are many reasons why I’m glad to be single. A big one is the fact that if I’m single, I couldn’t do what I did yesterday. Not that I did anything all that interesting, of course. I left the house about 10 AM for a very long drive, which included Stockton, Jackson, Auburn, and Grass Valley to give you an idea just how long. I put a couple of things in a bag in case I decided to spend the night someplace. I ended up getting home about twelve hours later.

If I had a live-in lover, perish the thought, it just wouldn’t have worked that way. To start with, he might have wanted to come along, which would have eliminated at least half the fun. There would have been planning and compromises (“Are you ready to eat lunch?”) and I probably wouldn’t have covered as much ground.

If he’d decided not to come along, there would have been a different set of issues. I would probably have felt it necessary to state where I was going (I didn’t know) and a rough estimate of when I might return (I didn’t care). There might have been problems with the possibility of spontaneously spending the night.

I probably would have ended up staying home and watching movies or something.

Yes, I know that there are benefits to HAVING relationships too, perhaps the biggest being that there’s someone there when you DO want another person around. But right now, I’m too self-centered and too in love with my independence to make the tradeoff. Especially when traveling, which I just about always do alone.

On the other hand, it might be nice to get laid on a regular basis…