The Truth

There are a few truths which must be uttered by someone at this point, so it might as well be me:

  • PT Cruisers are just plain butt-ugly. Period.
  • There are precious few things on network TV today cooler than Teamo Supremo.
  • Kmart deserves to go completely belly-up if only as a penance for making its stores such miserable places in which to shop.
  • It rather defeats the purpose of having self-service “express checkouts” when three out of four of them are non-functional at 4:00 on Sunday afternoon.
  • The word “data” is plural.
  • Once again, the word “license” is not plural.
  • San Francisco cops will not pull you over even if they happen to pull up right behind you as you stick your arm out the window and flip someone off.
  • Greensboro cops will.
  • I speak from experience.

And here’s a question: did they really just use the term “jerkoff” on The Simpsons?