A Climate Controlled, Acid Free Environment

I had a friend once — a queer ska librarian by trade — who told me he thought I might be more of an archivist than a librarian. Having finally gotten to the part of  my archival management class where we actually toured the university archives, I decided that he was quite correct. I’d suspected it all along, but as I moved deeper and deeper into that freezing cold, cave-like room full of meticulously-maintained boxes of paper and other random stuff, I just got all giddy and excited. I was afraid my classmates were going to notice my stiffy. It was almost embarrassing.

One thought on “A Climate Controlled, Acid Free Environment

  1. I’m still your friend, baby, just not so verbose as the old days.

    But I’m glad to see my super powers of perception still work.

    Dan, still the qsl

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